The Training of Cassandra Nix, Day One

Training Profile


* Age: 20
* Breasts: real
* Cup size: A
* Status: unowned
* Category: porn star


* adult industry since March 2011
* has been tied to the bed by her boyfriend once or twice
* most BDSM experience is through


* canes, esp. to the feet and thighs
* bondage and restraint
* loss of control
* when someone else decides
* smacked in the face
* the mindfuck


* hard to find any dislikes


* able to eroticize pain. States that pain can intensify orgasm for her


* none stated, yet


* enjoys denial
* pain intensifies orgasm
* has a deep g-spot

Indirect Assessment

Nix is a 20 year old porn starlet at the beginning of her journey into BDSM. Her interest piqued when an early boyfriend tied her to the bed and flogged her. She has been hooked ever since. She is gradually taking on more sensation and heavier scenes, showing an enthusiasm to discover more.

She is interested in pushing her limits to learn what her body is capable of.

Activities she finds most stimulating revolve around restraint and loss of control. Combined with her healthy interest in exploring pain, she appears to possess key characteristics of a good trainee.

Working Assumptions

Nix’s perceptions around BDSM are highly focused on self. Her experiences have been around largely body-centric activities that focus on her raw abilities to internalize and process restraint, loss of control and erotic pain. It is this slave trainer’s presumption that Nix’s innate talents would be best served by a foundation of principles and virtues. More:

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