Abandoned Slaves Day 2

The selection was made and one day of training is in the books. Alice seems shy, yet determined to make it through the training. Today will be the test to see what happens next.

Her shyness is causing problems with my original plan, so I switch gears and focus on trying to bring her out of her shell. I know she can take pain, but her responses are mild and not what I want from her. She is tied to a sybian with hopes of getting her to open up and show some genuine responses. She is allowed to close her eyes and go to that “special place” to help her achieve an orgasm worthy of being what we need.

Next she is bound and spread for full access to her cunt. Knowing that she enjoys pain like any masochist does, I incorporate a zipper into the mix to try and get the response that I’m looking for. She has made progress, but is it enough to move on? http://dlvr.it/4PzNkZ More: http://bit.ly/16AK9Iy